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Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker

WMMB-Masters-Mark-LogoThe Cultured Way ® Yogurt Cheese is a world-class cheese. Our Wisconsin Certified Master Cheese Maker uses fresh partially-skimmed milk, delivered daily from our family farms, and old world cheese making techniques to ensure that our artisan cheeses are always tasty and flavorful.

One of the highest titles a cheese maker can achieve, certification as a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker requires over ten years of cheese making experience and several more years of intensive academic training. Only after passing all the courses and fully understanding the artisanship behind producing a world-class cheese can one gain membership into this highly regarded organization. Established in 1994, by the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research, the University of Wisconsin Extension and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker program is the first advanced education program for experienced cheese makers in the United States. Its certification board is made up of delegates from these organizations as well as representatives from the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, Wisconsin Dairy Products Association and Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program. The Cheesemaker program is administered from the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison.




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